It's about more than cakes; It's about changing lives.


Cake It with Ellen

Palates Sing



 Your palate decides your preference of flavors in food. If you can taste slight nuances in food you are said to have a well-developed palate. If you like fancy food, you are said to have a sophisticated palate

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Hearts Laugh

We are having Layers of Fun at EMC with our creative team building program that not only serves to teach the FUN DA Mentals of Baking & Design, but to also enhance relationships between friends, families, couples, groups, and organizations by improving team dynamics, bonding and morale through Cake Fun-Da-mentals & Life Transformation Principles.

Are you living or merely existing? 

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Lives Change

Creativity nourishes the driving force behind all other learning. That is why baking & designing at EMC remains the platform where Gifts & Passions meet Food, Fun, Laughter & Inspiration.  

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About Ellen


She Speaks, Teaches, Coaches, Trains & Plays the Leadership Game...using Real Life & Bake Life to change lives!

Ellen Moore, is known for creating
 custom designs, using rich, moist, delicious cakes with artistic confections. She has combined her passions for leadership, personal development, baking, and graphic design to produce much more than delicious cakes and great customer service within her cakery. Ellen has produced “a dream emporium,” where individuals enjoy palate-pleasing pleasures, mentorship, leadership, inspiration & motivation.  Ellen Moore Cakery is Home of the Dream Emporium, where Palates Sing, Hearts Laugh & Lives Change.



  • Cakes from EMC create synergy?
  • Cakes from EMC inspire purpose?
  • Cakes from EMC restore relationships?

Well, Ellen knows that the answer to all three questions is YES. In her quest to “Always Bake a Difference” in the lives of others, Ellen became a certified coach, trainer, speaker and teacher with the John Maxwell Team.  Now, she greets every day as a new challenge and inspires others to do the same with unique tools and fun at Ellen Moore Cakery.  

Ellen Moore

Ellen is a Published Author!

Ellen is the Author of Gettin' By, Imma Do & Free, Be Careful of the Internal Friends You Choose. This Take Action book is a powerful interactive tool for those who are looking to get more out of life. 

Gettin' By, Imma Do & Free is a  guide to enable those who may not yet have dared to dream, or those who may believe their dreams are too big to begin to assess and transform their lives. 

Uncover the link between your passions and your purpose and understand how unfulfilled purpose can cause dissatisfaction with life.

Here, you’ll receive empowering knowledge and tools to not only help you recognize your purpose but give you the strength and resources to start living it.

By the end of this book you will have a defined plan of action to get your life in order. You’ll be clear about where you stand in life, what your purpose is and how to go about working towards your new-found goals. Through this book you will be able to recognize and reach your highest potential.

Book may be purchased only at

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